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Artworks days are full of summer activities including outside games (weather permitting), guest artist presentations, and special workshops. Students spend about four total hours each day among three classes that they get to pick (some classes have limited availability). Students may pick their classes from dance, music, visual arts, theatre, LEGO™ Creations, or LEGO™ Robotics.

Students may pick one class as a “major.” Additionally, students will pick two other classes to take. Major classes meet in the morning, and for a longer period of time as compared to the afternoon, non-major classes.

Please note that LEGO™ Robotics may only be selected as a major. Also note that the LEGO Robotics major is limited to 15 seats and to campers aged 10-12 only. LEGO™ Creations is not available as a major.

On the last day of each session, students will display or perform the work they created during their major class. We call this the “Showcase.”


Students taking dance classes learn self-expression and appreciation for others through music and movement. Artworks dance classes integrates dance instruction for those wanting to explore dance as a beginner as well as students who have had years of dance lessons.

Students who select dance as their major will perform at the Showcase, usually in collaboration with theatre. All dance classes include activities from the following:

  • Creative Expression
  • Choreography
  • Individual and group features
  • Technique
  • Dance production
  • Problem solving skills
  • Improvisation
  • Games
  • Styles of dance that may be included are:
  • Ballet
  • Folk (including international styles)
  • Jazz
  • Modern


Music is offered as an afternoon class only, but all students involved in the music classes will perform at the Showcase in addition to displaying their work from their major class. Many areas of a solid music education are touched upon in this high energy program.

Activities associated with the music classes may include:

  • Choral singing
  • Vocal and Instrumental ensembles
  • Performance technique
  • Music appreciation
  • Solo performance
  • Integration of keyboards, recorders, and/or percussion instruments

Visual Arts

Students selecting visual arts as their major will display their work in a gallery at the Showcase event.
Art classes will include activities from the following:

  • Combination of self-expression and technical development
  • Drawing from the imagination
  • Still life studies
  • Life drawing
  • Composition and color relationship
  • Medium exploration including charcoal, pencil, crayons, paint, and clay, among several others
  • 2D and 3D art
  • Sculpture and pottery
  • Painting


Students who select theatre as their major will perform a play at the Showcase event.
The theatre classes will include activities from the following:

  • Creative dramatics
  • Play production
  • Script writing
  • Character creation
  • Mime
  • Improvisation
  • Story telling

LEGO™ Creations

LEGO™ Creations is offered as an afternoon class only. Student work from the Creations classes will be on display at the Showcase. Students will construct LEGO™ creations centered around a theme, project, or goal as identified by the teacher. One of the primary focuses for this class is teamwork through accepting others’ unique ideas, valuing individual contributions, and working together to complete a single task.

LEGO™ Robotics

We use Lego Mindstorms at our camp and primarily use the NXT 2.0 version. The philosophy of Artworks is founded in creativity and exploration, trial and error, process instead of product. As such, we welcome robotics programmers of all camp ages and all experience levels. We welcome Artworkers with no experience all the way to those with an advanced understanding of Mindstorms programming.

Students may select Robotics as a major only. Please note that the LEGO Robotics major is limited to 15 seats and to campers aged 10-12 only. Robots will be on display at the Showcase.
The class will include activities from the following:

  • Motion figure creation
  • Student programmed robots
  • Free movement exploration
  • Computer programming

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